Why use PCP/PPI procedure


Why buy (distruptive or incremental) innovation?
Healthcare organizations are for the most part unaware of the benefits that a proactive and forward looking approach to innovation procurement can bring.



Economic determinants
This short document is intended to indicate the key questions which Public Procurers and their organisations will need to be able to answer in order to establish whether they should or should not conduct the future-focussed procurement methodology known as Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP). It will explain why the selected questions are important and provide some guidance as to how answers to the questions can be found.

 INSPIRE Economic determinants of PCP


Special Interviews on PCP Implementation

How could we define innovation procurement

Joint Procurement of Innovation by Procuring Authorities

Aspects to consider for a successful PCP & PPI deployment

Innovating in the Public Administration purchase habits

What kind of Flexibility PCP admit regarding the procurement rules?

The Challenges in managing cross-border procurement