Launch of the first Local Market Consultation of the STOPandGO project

Procurement of innovative health and social services enhanced by digital technologies. Launch of the first Local Market Consultation of the  STOPandGO project

Logo STOPandGOThe European project STOPandGO is going into the heart of activities.

The project aims at defining and testing an European Specification Template (EST) to promote the acquisition of health and social services enhanced by digital technologies through the PPI (Public Procurement for Innovation) instrument. These services will allow the implementation of innovative models on Integrated Care for elderly people, in line with the objectives of the European Partnership for Innovation Healthy and Active Ageing (EIP-AHA).

After an initial phase of development and public consultation of the EST, the health organizations and municipalities involved in the project as procures have identified the procurement initiatives in which they will validate the effectiveness of the Template, before its promotion beyond the project boundaries.

The Healthcare Trust of Catanzaro (ASP Catanzaro, ) has been the first procurer to start.

Through its tender ASP Catanzaro intends to test the approach promoted by STOPandGO to strengthen the functionalities of the House of Health (an innovative form of organization of primary care recently introduced in Italy) through the deployment of innovative organizational and technological solutions compliant with the most relevant clinical pathways, as a part of a multi-year plan towards a full deployment of Integrated Care.  More in detail  ASP Catanzaro aims to acquire health and social services to promote patient empowerment, proactive medicine and coordination both vertically (between hospital and territory), and horizontally (between social and health system), including also the patient’s home in the network of care settings. These services, that will be first tested in the House of Health of Chiaravalle, can benefit from the many technological innovations available today at an affordable cost, such as: e-health, clinical information systems, medical devices at home, telemedicine, home automation, mHealth.

In order to come to a complete definition of the tender, ASP Catanzaro has published on the Official Journal of the European Union a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to launch an Open Market Consultation to collect inputs from the market on the solutions already on the shelf and exploitable in an innovative way in the health sector, on the strengths and the weaknesses that may characterize the procurement process of innovative services, as well as on the best way to implement a pay-per-performance approach.

All the third parties interested in the Market Consultation are invited to fill the questionnaire, available both in English and in Italian, to the following link  and return it by mail  before the 14th September 2015 to the following addresses:  or .

The Market Consultation is one of the key elements of the PPI instrument. Actually, the acquisition of innovation requires the interaction with new markets but also an effort of sharing between supply and demand to develop new ideas and, above all, to facilitate their introduction in the daily practice of healthcare organizations.