The INSPIRE project presents an outstanding effort to create practical impact on the use of the Pre-Commercial procurement (PCP) instrument and to strengthen forward looking procurement strategies in the domains of eHealth Active Ageing and Independent Living.

INSPIRE online materials and face-to-face regional workshops are ways and means to facilitate collaboration and sharing of ideas for those with prospective procurement strategies and on-going or planned European PCP/PPI projects.

 INSPIRE aims at:

Creating a health sector-specific network of Contracting Authorities to foster demand for innovation.

Disseminating analytical evidence on innovation procurement practices from European projects.

Facilitating the introduction of new technologies and ICT-based services in the healthcare delivery system, through evidence based service - and business model thinking.

Linking innovation procurement and venture capital activities in order to complete the innovation chain and secure also the Business case.

Project Plan

Work Package 1 (WP1): Management, network launch

Work Package 2 (WP2): PCP / PPI Academy

Work Package 3 (WP3): Business case analysis

Work Package 4 (WP4): Dissemination