The presentations of the Barcelona Workshop are now available!

PCP & PPI: How to be more efficient in procurement

On the 26th of March 2015, INSPIRE held it's 3rd workshop in Barcelona. The event was organized with the support of the Escola d'Adminsitracío Pública de Catalunya.

 The European Commission and the Innovation Procurement Platform are demonstrating that public procurement of innovative technologies (PPI) helps public authorities to deliver more efficient and effective public services. During this event INSPIRE consortium introduced the audience to the PPI instrument together with its natural predecessor, the pre-commercial procurement (PCP), and went through their definitions, the funding programmes existing at both the European and the Spanish level, the legal tips to take into account, what opportunity they represent for the industry and the investors and present current European-wide experiences.  The audience had the opportunity to meet European experts on the subject and get hands on insights on specific topics as: the needed organizational resources & skills, the dialogue between the contracting authorities and the industry, the definition of the business case and the challenge brief.


Target audience: public administration, public procurement and contracting offices, innovation departments, healthcare service providers, industry. 

Innovation Procurement (Pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovation) – What and why? 

Innovative Procurement Adoption and Funding opportunities (H2020, European regional development funds) in EUROPE & SPAIN 

Moderator:  Rossana Alessandrello ( AQuAS – Agency of health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia)

Innovative Procurement: round table on legal hints 

Moderator:  Rossana Alessandrello ( AQuAS)

Why innovative procurement is an opportunity for the Industry 

Moderator:  Sara Bedin (The European House – Ambrosetti SpA)

Current and Future Experiences - Short Project description, where we are, most critical parts, most successful parts 

Moderator: Ramon Maspons (AQuAS)

SUM UP – Conclusions Ramon Maspons (AQuAS)

Venture capital for healthcare services and technology – Why (Round table)

Moderator: Brian Winn (BITECIC) 

  • Johan Zuidweg (NGN Research)
  • Philipp Klingenberg (Inveniam Innovation)
  • Rossanna Alessandrello (AQuAS)

Meet the Expert 

(Experts carousel with 4 parallel groups - 30 minutes per group)