The presentations of the Helsinki Dialogue Conference on Innovation Procurement are now available

On September 22-23, INSPIRE organized the first hands-on workshop on innovation procurement. More than 100 representatives from different organizations – public authorities, industry players, healthcare professionals and governmental agencies – mainly from the Nordic countries joined the conference driven by the interest of collaborating and understanding what is behind the innovation procurement and why and how they should make use of it.

Due to the high raised interest INSPIRE makes now available the presentations that were given during the event. In case you would like to know more please register for free or log in to the INSPIRE ACADEMY.


INSPIRE 22.9.2014-23.9.2014



Welcome: Lasse Lehtonen, Chief administrative physician, HUS

Session 1.1: Knowledge Sharing within Innovative Procurement (Pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovation)
Innovative and pre-commercial procurement – What and why?
Does it work? – Examples from Europe (UK/NHS, Italy, Catalonia, Norway)
Can I do it? – INSPIRE PCP/PPI Academy and the Nordic platform
Round table on key lessons learnt & knowledge available: Future best practices

– Suzan Ikävalko, Senior Associate, Nordic Healthcare Group  
– Brian Winn, Director & Partner, BITECIC Ltd   
– Sara Bedin, Innovation consultant, The European House – Ambrosetti  
– Rossana Alessandrello, Innovation Unit, Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia  
– Kathrine Myhre / Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Oslo Medtech

Session 1.2: Future uncovered Needs and desired Solutions

New hospitals and opportunities:

– Experiences from Nya Karolinska Solna Sjukhuset – Gunnar Goblirsch, procurer, Stockholm Region 
Future Needs: Helsinki New Children’s Hospital – Jari Petäjä, director of department, HUS

Outsourced services and technologies

– Technology: Outsourced Support Services: European examples from GE Healthcare – Peter West, General Manager, Multi-Vendor Services & Site Management Europe
Future Needs: HUS Medical imaging Center – Technical directors Tomi Kauppinen & Mika Päivärinta

Independent living and active aging

Needs in the area of Independent Living solutions – experiences

from Italian Marche Region, Anna Torelli
and from Paris Charles Edouard ESCURAT Deputy director, Resah. 

Round Table Discussion: Barriers & solutions – How to get forward?

End of Day 1


Session 2.1: The Business Case and Economic determinants of innovation procurement

EU and National financial support to innovative procurement – Sampsa Nissinen, program manager, Tekes
Brian Winn, Director & Partner, BITECIC Ltd, Sara BEDIN, Innovation procurement expert, The European House – Ambrosetti SpA  
A company view from PPI/PCP projects – Rossana Alessandrello, leader of the Decipher PCP-project, Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia 

Session 2.2. Venture capital for healthcare services and technology – How to wake up the interest of investors and create a linkage with innovation procurement?

: Jukka Häyrynen, Director, Startup Companies Tekes
Round table: Venture capital representatives – Vesa Lehtomäki
Managing Partner, Korona Invest Oy & Timo Ahopelto, Co-founder, Lifelineventures, startups Mika Nikander Sooma Medical and Heikki Tarkkila Carecode, Sussi Bianco, Brian Winn, Rossana Alessandrello
Interactive / Reflective summary of the morning sessions: Paul Lillrank, Chairman of the Board, Nordic Healthcare Group

Session 2.3: Future of healthcare services – how to create best value?

Disruptive innovation in healthcare/ Outcome based procurements – Ivar Moltke, Innovation director, Sundheds Innovation Sjælland
– Transforming the care delivery through product-service innovation – Marie Krag, Innovation consultant, Copenhagen Living Lab
Value based service procurement – impact objectives, incentives & reimbursement models as drivers for improvement – Fredrik Eklund, director, Nordic Healthcare Group Sweden

Session 2.4 Cross-Border Healthcare Services: free movement of patients and new competitive markets.

Nordic examples:

EU Cross-border directive in healthcare (First experiences in Finland and EU) – Lasse Lehtonen, Chief administrative physician, HUS
Janne Aaltonen, Managing director, HYKSin Oy
Karsten Uno, Chairman, Region of Southern Denmark Innovation board
Nordic cooperation program on Health innovation – Arvid Loken, Senior Advisor, Nordic Innovation
Summing up: Interactive summary of the afternoon sessions and the whole event:: Mikko Alkio, partner, Avance Attorneys

End of Day 2