The presentations of the Vienna Forum For Innovation Procurement in the health Sector are now available


On the 20th of November, INSPIRE organized the second hands-on workshop on innovation procurement. More than 90 representatives from different Austrian organizations – public authorities, industry players, healthcare professionals and governmental agencies –  joined the conference driven by the interest of collaborating and understanding what is behind the innovation procurement and why and how they should make use of it.

Due to the high raised interest INSPIRE makes now available the presentations that were given during the event. In case you would like to know more subscribe to INSPIRE newsletter.


INSPIRE 20.11.2014


Welcoming introduction: ANDREAS NEMEC, CEO, Bundesbeschaffung GmbH
Key notes: Pre-Commercial Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation
- What are Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI)? : SARA BEDIN, Innovation procurement expert, The European House – Ambrosetti Spa, Italy
- Presentation of the “INSPIRE” Platform : SUZAN IKÄVALKO, Senior Associate, Nordic Healthcare Group, Finland
- Decipher PCP: Mobile health for European citizens : RAMON MASPONS BOSCH, Chief Innovation Officer, Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia, Spain
- Innovation Procurement in the Federal Procurement Agency (Bundesbeschaffung) : STEFAN WURM, Head of Department of Innovation and Sustainability, Bundesbeschaffung GmbH
- Best practice in Innovation Procurement in Europe : VIOREL PECA, Head of Unit Innovation, DG CONNECT, EU Commission
Upcoming EU projects in the Health sector